North Tonawanda, NY

North Tonawanda, NY


North Tonawanda is a city in Niagara County, NY. The population was 31,568 at the 2010 census. It is part of the Buffalo–Niagara Falls Metropolitan Area. The city is named after Tonawanda Creek, its south border.

Tonawanda in the Seneca tongue means “Swift Running Water”. Tonawanda Creek, which flows into the Niagara River, once had large stretches of rapids until it was tamed with the construction of the Erie Canal.

The city also calls itself “The Lumber City”, due to its past primary industry and once was the largest port on the Great Lakes during the height of the Erie Canal. Along Goundry Street are mansions built for the lumber barons, including 208 Goundry Street, called “Kent Place”, designed by Stanford White. Many of the local residents refer to it as “The Jewel of Niagara County” due to its geographical setting between the Niagara River and Erie Canal. It is also home to the 2009 Class AA NYS Football Champion Lumberjacks. Street signs on the borders of town welcome visitors to “The Home Of The Carousel”.

North Tonawanda, NY

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